While it’s tempting to get your workout started by simply running at top speeds, this can actually cause injury. Before any running workout, it’s important to warm up your muscles in order to stretch them out and prevent you from any tears or tweaking a tendon. Also, if you start your running too fast, you are more likely to slow down faster and your endurance will wear down. Here are some great warm-ups that will keep you loose and feeling great throughout your workout.

  1. Walk

Start your warm up with a brisk walk. This eases your body into workout mode and helps get your legs ready for your run. Walking takes the tendons and muscles in your legs through the same range of motion that running does. Walking increases your body temperature and increases blood flow to your leg muscles.

  1. Stair Climbs

Find a series of stairs and slowly jog up and down them. This stretches out your glutes and hamstrings to keep your legs and even increases the range of motion of your legs so that the muscles are loose and energized. This dynamically stretches out your muscles and helps prevent injuries when you begin to run.

  1. Deep Lunges

On a straight stretch of the track, do some deep lunges. Deep lunges are able to stretch out your glutes and your calves. This is a great way to slowly loosen up your legs and your hip and knee joints so that they are not damaged during any strenuous part of your run.

  1. Stretches

Certain dynamic stretches can work to energize your legs and help prevent you from any injuries during your workout. These are some examples of dynamic stretches that you can do during your warm up:

  • High Knees – Do a light jog, but kick up your knees as high as they can go. Do this for 30 seconds
  • Butt Kicks – Do a light jog, but kick up your feet behind you as high as they can go until they lightly kick your bottom. Do this for 30 seconds
  • Ice Skaters – Start in a standing position and then slowly bring your left foot to the opposite side of your right leg and lean down then slowly. Repeat with your right leg. Do this for 1 minute.

Don’t Forget to Cool Down After Your Run

Something that is also helpful for recovery after your run is doing an effective cool down. Once you have completed your run, do some light stretches and walk for a short distance. This will help slow down your heart rate and will prevent your muscles from becoming sore after your workout.

Training for Your Virtual Race

It’s important for you to train for your virtual race so that you feel prepared for race day. Find a race that gives you enough time to train beforehand. You can choose a race that works well with your personality and has a medal that you will always treasure.