Summer is a great time to run. The harsh days of winter are passed as is the unpredictability of spring weather. Summer offers daylight to squeeze your runs in and you can wear fewer layers. Because summer running is such a blast, here are 10 things to love about working up a sweat on a hot, sunny day.

The Days are Longer

When summer comes around, you can squeeze in an early morning run with the early sunrise! Not only is dark o’clock tucked away until cooler temperatures return, but the early sunrise offers extra motivation to get out of bed.

The daylight does not just come early in the summer – it hangs out late too. During the summer, you have extra time to squeeze in a run after working a 9-to-5 while it is still light out.

Sweat Away the Pain

You read that right. Did you wake up with back pain? Are you aching from yesterday’s workout? One of the best ways to relive your aches and pains may be to work up a sweat. Increasing your heart rate and allowing your body to sweat is a great way to treat your pain (plus, sitting around will only make you more stiff and sore in most cases).

Shirtless Runs

This is a benefit that everyone can enjoy. If it is too hot to wear a shirt, you can simply ditch it! Hello sports bra or shirtless runs! Few things are as empowering, freeing, and comfortable as hitting the pavement in a pair of running shoes, shorts, and a sports bra.

Summer Running Tan Lines

Those racer-back tan lines will let others know that you might be a runner. If you also have a shorts tan, a sock tan, and a sports bra tan, you may be branded for life – or until they fade (or you even them out at the beach).

Added Vitamin D

Natural sunlight offers the best dose of the sunshine vitamin, also known as vitamin D, which is crucial for overall health. Vitamin D lowers high blood pressure, improves brain function, protects against inflammation and even protects against cancer. Running in the summer ensures you get plenty of this beneficial vitamin in your bod.

Run Easier

Summer weather makes runners feel sluggish. When you feel like you have concrete blocks for feet, work with it. Run your first mile slower than you normally would to extend the amount of time you can spend running without overheating. Try slowing your pace by a minute or two to prevent burnout and enjoy your easy runs!

That Post-Run Shower

Cold showers after hot runs – need we say more? There is nothing quite like a cool shower after a run in the sweltering heat. Grab an ice-cold glass of water to keep within reach to keep you extra cool.