You don’t have to opt out of racing if you don’t have enough cash!

Running is a fairly inexpensive form of exercise. Typically, the only expenses you incur are running gear, including shoes and workout clothes. But if you enjoy races, you know that the expenses can add up pretty quickly. Competing in races is an excellent way to stay motivated while keeping you on track with your exercise routine, but you may steer clear of races for financial reasons. If you love races, here are some tips on how you can save at your next event.

Register Early

Many races offer the proverbial worm to the early bird – in the form of a discount. Depending on how early you plan ahead, you can save a significant chunk off of registration fees as many races have several registration points on the calendar where the fee increases after specific dates.

Run as a Group

Some races offer group registration, which is often accompanied by a group discount. Grab some friends for your next race and have everyone divide the price. Running with friends is fun and nobody will turn their noses at a lower price.

If you can find a charity group to join, you can not only run at a discounted rate but your money will go toward helping people in need. You may even land some additional gear to boot.

Check with Your Company and Health Insurance

An added bonus of some health insurance plans is that a portion of gym membership and race fees is paid for. Some companies strive to promote good health and fitness so they help people live healthily by assisting in fees.

Skip the Gear

You don’t need another race t-shirt. You may want it but an official race tee is not always included in the registration price. Some races allow participants to choose whether they want to spend extra money on a shirt. To make your next race more budget-friendly, skip the tee.

Stay Local

Although traveling around to races is loads of fun, if you are trying to stick to a budget, only register for local races for a time. The cost of accommodation and transportation adds up quickly.


Putting on a race requires a lot of manpower, which is why volunteers are needed. Volunteers may hand out race packets, direct traffic or hand out water. Some races compensate volunteers by giving them a free entry for a future race. You can save money and give to a community by volunteering for a race.

Run Virtually

Virtual races are a fun way to save money on races. They are typically cheaper than location-specific races. You can still reach a goal or set a new PR while running at the same time as others, but in your own neighborhood rather than with a group of people at one location.