Q. What is a Virtual Run? How does this work?

There is no specific location, just run, walk, jog, bike or treadmill during the event dates or anytime thereafter. It’s your race at your PACE.  No more waiting in lines, no more canceled events!  Post your results and receive your medal.

Q: How to I post my results?

You can post your results by emailing support@werun5k.com, Click on the ENTER RESULTS at the top of this page or by posting on our facebook page www.Facebook.com/virtualpaceseries or on our website at www.VirtualPaceSeries.com/enter-results.

Q. How soon will my medal ship?

Medal packets typically ship 1-2 weeks “Prior” to the upcoming event date.  If the event is a past event or an event that has already begun, medal packets ship the next business day. The 1-2 weeks also allows sufficient time for arrive to our international participants.  Expect your packet to arrive within 3-5 days if in the US, and 6-10 days if you are located in Canada and other countries.

Q. How do I register?

Easy, click on the EVENTS tab above and select your event 🙂

Q. Can I register for a past event?

Yes, as long as ANY event is open for registration, medals can still be earned.

Q. Do I have to complete the challenge all at once or can I split it up?

You set the pace! The best thing about our Virtual series is the ability to complete it on your own time.  Ultimately, you set the pace, complete it all at once or take your time, the goal is to just finish 🙂

Q. Can kids participate as well?

YOU BET! We do not have any set age limit.

Q. I have a large group that would like to participate, do you offer group discounts?

You bet! Please email us directly at support@werun5k.com.

Q. What if I don’t receive my medal in time before the event date begins?

Please don’t stress, medal packets will usually arrive just before you begin or during the event dates.  If your packet is not held up in customs, you can expect to receive your packet very quickly.

Q. Do you have a tracking number when my packet ships?

Yes! You would have received this email when your medal has shipped.  The tracking number is usually sent to the email that was used at time of registration.  If you did not receive a tracking number you can email support@virtualpace.fit.

Q. I received the wrong bib, what do I do?

A. Please email us at support@vps.fit and we will correct this ASAP!

Q. Is there an app to track my results or do I use my own?

A.  Use any GPS, Bluetooth device or running app to track your results, you can even take a photo of your treadmill results.

Q. Do I need to show proof that I completed my challenge?

While our events rely mainly on the honor system and we can’t force you to participate, we do LOVE seeing any app results that you have.  You can post your results to our Facebook or post to our website at www.VirtualPaceSeries.com/enter-results.

Q: I’m located in the UK, can I still register?

Absolutely! Be sure to select our “International” option, this will include shipping to the UK.

Q. Do I need my bib number to begin the challenge?

No, the unique tyvek bib number will be sent out along with your medal and can be used when you post your results.  We also LOVE selfies with your bib and medal 🙂


PULSEMOB EVENT SOLUTIONS is our registration software and processing software.  Your credit card will be processed by PULSEMOB, you will also receive various emails from PULSEMOB that may contain your confirmation info.  If you have ANY questions regarding this charge, please contact them directly at support@pulsemob.com.

Q: How do I participate in a race?

• Sign up for a race to receive your racing bib and finisher’s medal.

• Choose your location and distance to run/walk/jog/bike. Your 5K, your way!

• Set a date and run your race!

• Celebrate your victory! Wear your medal with pride! You’ve earned it!

• Upload your results to Facebook page or email us at support@werun5k.com.

• Sign up for the next race and tell your friends!

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Q. Can I create a team?

You bet! What a great way to keep the momentum going by running with your friends and family. You can create a team by clicking on the TEAM button during the registration process. You will also be given the opportunity to share your team URL on your Facebook page once you have completed the sign up.

Q. We have a large group, do you offer any group discounts?

Yes, feel free to email us directly at support@virtualpace.fit.

Q. How can I contact Virtual Pace Series if I have additional questions?

Feel free to contact us anytime at support@virtualpace.fit.