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Increase Your Speed with These Sprint Workouts

And how to increase your sprint speed, too! If you want to be a fast runner, you have to run fast. If you want to improve your running speed for race day, incorporating spring workouts is an excellent way to accomplish just that. According to John Honerkamp, running coach and former coach at New York […]

6 Benefits Running Has on Your Body

Running helps more than just your physique. Working out won’t get you ripped overnight and running will not cause your body to shed 30 pounds in a week. You may not see instant weight results but running makes other dramatic changes in your life too (it improves your health and can make an impact on […]

7 Reasons You Should Love Summer Running

Summer is a great time to run. The harsh days of winter are passed as is the unpredictability of spring weather. Summer offers daylight to squeeze your runs in and you can wear fewer layers. Because summer running is such a blast, here are 10 things to love about working up a sweat on a […]

7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Race

You don’t have to opt out of racing if you don’t have enough cash! Running is a fairly inexpensive form of exercise. Typically, the only expenses you incur are running gear, including shoes and workout clothes. But if you enjoy races, you know that the expenses can add up pretty quickly. Competing in races is […]

How to Fix Runner’s Knee

It’s all in your hip. One of the most common ailments among runners is runner’s knee, or patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). This condition is characterized by pain located under, slightly above or slightly below the kneecap. Sometimes you may hear a popping sensation; sometimes you may not. The condition typically worsens when running uphill or […]

What Causes Leg Fatigue when Running?

When your legs wear out before the rest of you does. A good run is exhilarating, sending feel-good endorphins throughout your body while your lungs fill with air and your heart pumps oxygen-rich blood through your veins. But not every run goes so well. Sometimes your runner’s high is offset by fatigued legs that feel […]

What You Should Know About Training on a Treadmill

Is there much difference between running on a treadmill vs. outdoors? It is raining cats and dogs outside with flashes of lighting shooting down. You really don’t want to get drenched yet don’t want to miss your run either. So you opt for completing your training session indoors on a treadmill. A treadmill is a […]

6 Tips to Run a Faster Race

These smart strategies can help you to break your PR in no time. Everybody knows that in order to run faster, you must work harder – but these changes don’t happen overnight. If you want to run a faster race, you can shave a few seconds (or maybe more) off of your finish time with […]

Ways to Make Running Feel Less Terrible

Struggling to get moving? Try these tips! We all have experienced it – that sluggish feeling that keeps you less-than-motivated to gear up for your next run. Sometimes a couple days off is all you need, but there are some other things you can try to add a little pep to your step. Take Walk […]

4 Reasons Rest Days are Important

Regardless of your level of running, here’s why rest days are vital. Many runners have long lists of goals they want to accomplish. When looking at your list compared to your schedule, it is easy to breeze over rest days. Why would you slow down when you have so much to cross off your list? […]