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Why Runners Need Upper Body Strength

Improve your efficiency and prevent injury by strengthening your upper body. Many runners fail to make time for strength training. Many runners feel that it is unimportant or simply do not have the time while others just flat out hate it. But pumping iron for runners is incredibly important – not only for increasing your […]

How to Recover After a Race

You train and hustle, working hard to prepare for a race. After the race, what do you do? Do you take time to recover or do you hit the ground running again? Many runners fail to take the right amount of time to adequately recover after a big race. Why is taking a break such […]

Why You Should Be Virtual Racing

A great option for those who want fitness and convenience Are you motivated to toe the line with other athletes but there are no upcoming races near you? Or are you busy on race day and cannot make it? A virtual race may be the option for you! Skip the pre-race nervousness with other runners […]

3 Mental Barriers That Hinder Your Running Success

Disappointment, stress, and fear are feelings that can affect our enjoyment as runners. Some races or workouts may present a mental barrier that is harder to overcome than a physical one, leading you to struggle with even getting your laces tied to run. If you have ever faced this kind of challenge, read on to […]

Ways to Help Others Join in Your Fitness Goals

2018 is your year to be the best you that you can be. No more abandoning your goals for the New Year — start this year off strong and finish stronger! Make this year about facing challenges head on and conquering them. One way to help you reach your goals is encouraging others to get […]

6 Things You Need to Get Started Running

Running is one of the easiest ways to exercise. It can be done alone or in groups, almost anywhere, and requires almost no special gear or equipment. That being said, it does take some preparation to run safely and effectively, especially when you are training for a race. If done wrong, running can be uncomfortable, […]

8 Ways to Prevent Soreness After a Run

It happens to everyone. We go on an intense run one day, and the next morning, we wake up with soreness everywhere. There are 2 reasons for the soreness in your muscles. The first reason is due to the lack of oxygen that your muscles receive during intense workouts, leading to lactic acid build up […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Fitness Goals

Whenever you are training for a race, the best place to start is to create some goals to achieve throughout your training and during your race. Completing your goals can give you that additional sense of accomplishment when you receive your medal, knowing that you did everything to succeed during your race. However, setting goals […]