6 Online Resources Runners Everywhere Should Utilize

They say that knowledge is power — so here are six online resources that offer information on everything from injury prevention to marathon optimization to news and current events in the running community.

1. Runner’s World

This online/print magazine has literally thousands of published articles available for free on its website. The majority of this content is relatively short-form and tends to provide overviews rather than in-depth explanations — nonetheless, because articles are published so frequently, this is one of the best resources for anyone interested in staying up to date.

2. Running in the USA

For American runners, this site is the go-to guide for in-person races and events. Self-described as the “Largest database of races and clubs,” Running in the USA is a wonderful resource that has helped countless runners connect with their local communities and participate in exciting runs.

3. Running Competitor

Another online/print hybrid; this one offering slightly more quality and depth than Runner’s World, but with a slightly less comprehensive and set of archives. One topic that Running Competitor does cover quite expansively, however, is injury prevention, so anyone concerned about topics such as pulled muscles or tweaked tendons should be sure to check out this publication.

4. MarathonTraining.com

For any runner who wants to cross that 26.2 mile threshold and accomplish the rare feat of finishing a marathon, this is an important resource. Here you will find progress plans, diets, and other specific information tailored specifically to the super-athletes like you who dream big and train hard.

5. Reddit’s r/Running

For those not familiar with Reddit, the so-called “front page of the internet” is a forum-based website that allows users to post and discuss content from across the web. This leads to a broad mixture of both resources and quality, but because visibility is based on a democratic voting process the best of the best is usually pretty easy to find. Alternatives to the Reddit “running” community include r/racing, r/couch to 5k, r/first marathon, r/raceit, and r/trail running. Animal lovers, be sure to remember to check out the ever-popular r/running with dogs, too!

6. Virtual Pace Series.

Call it shameless self-promotion, but we’ve included ourselves on this list! Here are a few reasons why Virtual Pace Series online is a great resource for runners to keep in mind:

  • Our expansive database of running events includes dozens of virtual races that can be completed in from anywhere in the world, giving you the opportunity to continue progressing as an athlete and participating in the running community wherever you may be.
  • The Virtual Pace Series blog contains dozens of articles offering information, news, and advice for runners.
  • We truly believe that our philosophy on running, along with our inspiring company story, contributes to the sport in a unique and innovative way!

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