2018 is your year to be the best you that you can be. No more abandoning your goals for the New Year — start this year off strong and finish stronger! Make this year about facing challenges head on and conquering them. One way to help you reach your goals is encouraging others to get involved too. This way you can have a support system to help others keep you accountable for your goals. Here are a few tips that can help you show yourself the love you deserve and to help others get involved.

Find support

We already mentioned the value of finding a friend to accompany you in your goals — but remember that your support network can be more broad and diverse than that. Participating in an internet community centered around your topics of interest and asking your family to support you in your goal are both good ideas, for example. Signing up for an event related to your new goals can also be a tremendous motivator that connects you to a wider community of people interested in the same kinds of self-improvement as you. A 5k is the perfect race for beginners and it is something that you, your friends and family can train for together.

Make the time

Perfectionism and procrastination sometimes go hand in hand. It is important to understand that there will never be a perfect time to start working toward goals — and those who wait for such a moment often end up waiting forever. (Remember that perspiration counts more than inspiration, after all!) Talk to your family or friends about finding time each week when you can just go and run. It doesn’t need to be for hours at a time, just a half an hour can make a difference. Text or call each other to coordinate times when you can get together to train.

Reward yourself

Having a reward of some sort to look forward to will help push you to keep it and meet your goals. It is important to be kind to yourself, and indulging in a special treat once you succeed is an excellent way to do this. Also, who doesn’t love spending time with people that they love? When your support system is able to reach goals together, you have the chance to celebrate together. Go out and do something that you all love doing together.

Find a Race that You Will All Love!

Each of our races has a different theme. Work together to find a race with a theme that your entire group is a fan of. This way, when you get your medals, you will always be happy to show them off to let others know what you have accomplished. A virtual race could be the perfect way of staying focused on your new year’s goal of getting into better shape. Visit Virtual Pace Series online today to see what race will be best for you and your loved ones!