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Each finisher receive a custom VPS medal, bib and bragging rights.

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Check out all of our world class Virtual Races! Complete a Virtual run from the convenience of your own schedule.

Virtual 5K or 10K Runs.

Run, Walk, Bike, or Treadmill your way to a 5k or 10k race! Choose your virtual run and complete it at your pace.

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VIRTUAL PACE SERIES – From LIVE events to events that you run/walk at your PACE.  We created the Virtual PACE Series to help others who are passionate about staying active and keeping PACE in a busy world.  Movement is everything- walk, jog, run, bike or treadmill, participate in our series at your own pace. DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US TO RECEIVE SPECIAL OFFERS

WE RUN 5K! For a cause, not the applause!

Virtual Pace Series.

Choose your event, run/walk/bike/jog or treadmill at your pace. Log your results and receive your medal. Each registration receives a custom bib and medal.

I just wanted to say that I have never been confident enough to enter races as I felt intimidated by other runners. Your Virtual Runs have allowed me to improve as a runner and increase my confidence. I have now entered my first half marathon and I am using the virtual runs to keep my training going and keep my confidence up. Thank you so much!


I absolutely love the New You 2016 Series and the Leap Year Dare! It keeps me motivated to run the treadmill in these bitter cold Michigan temps where running is not an option (at least not for me). Thank you!!


I have never been fond of running in large groups or crowds, so this series was a perfect fit for me. I participate at my own pace, without all the stress of people passing me by. I may not be the fastest runner, but I keep going at my pace. Thank you VPS for such awesome medals and events.


What are you waiting for?

Our virtual 5K PACE series. There is no specific location, just run, walk, jog, bike or treadmill during the event dates. It’s your 5K at your PACE. No more waiting in lines, no more cancelled events, just grab your friends, family, create a team and start your 5K.

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