May 19, 2020

Races are always a fun way of staying physically fit. It gives you the chance to work on your personal best and earn a beautiful medal when you are done with the race. You also have the confidence to know that you reached your goals and finished your race. One of the joys of virtual races is that it has all of the positive aspects of a race without any of the drawbacks. These are some of the best benefits of doing a virtual race.

1. You Are Only Competing With Yourself or Friends

The point of most races is to improve yourself and to have fun, but sometimes too much competition can spoil the fun. When people start passing you during a race, you can feel self-conscious and upset, which can prevent you from joining in the fun on other races When you are running your virtual race, you get the chance to run at your own pace.  You can still compete in the race with your friends and have a great time together at a pace that suits you all.

2. You Can Race Wherever You Want

Sometimes you need to travel a distance in order to get to a race, which can be so inconvenient. You have to travel to wherever you need to go the day before to pick up your bib and then you need to be sure that you arrive at the race location early so that you are with your pace group. The best thing about virtual races is that you can race wherever you want! If you have a favorite running spot that gives you the energy to do your best, you can race there! You can even race on a treadmill if that is where you run the best. You have the freedom to run where you are most comfortable.

3. You Still Get Some Fun Medals

When you complete a race, it feels so rewarding to get that medal to show off what you earned. There are so many colorful and creative medals that make the entire experience more fun. Many people choose to compete in a race simply because they like the look of the medal that they would win by competing in the race. When you receive that medal in your mailbox, you will still feel that pride from knowing that you were able to complete the race that you participated in.