What is a Virtual Run? How does it work?
There is no specific location, just run, walk, jog, bike or treadmill during the event dates or anytime thereafter. It’s your race at your PACE.  No more waiting in lines, no more canceled events!  Post your results and receive your medal.
 Do I need my finisher packet to begin the challenge?
No, it is NOT required to have your packet in hand to begin your run as most packets will arrive just as you begin or complete your challenge.  Results can be posted anytime by clicking the ENTER RESULTS tab on our website.
 Why is my challenge in a Pre-order state?
An event that is labeled Pre-order, means this event just released/opened or is and is on backorder.  On average,”pre-orders” will ship within 30 days of when you registered, if not sooner IF NOT ON BACKORDER.  A shipping email with tracking information will be sent out immediately when packets begin to ship.  If you lost your shipping email, please check all spam or junk folders.  You can also email us at support@vps.fit for updated shipping info.  Please be sure to include your order number.
 How do I post my results?
You can post your results by emailing support@vps.fit, Clicking on ENTER RESULTS at the top of this page, or posting on our Facebook page.  If the event is NOT listed, no worries, just email your results to us directly at support@vps.fit.
 Can I still earn a challenge that has taken place?
Yes, as long as ANY event is open for registration, medals can still be earned.
 Do I have to complete the distance all in one go or can I split it up?
You set the pace! The best thing about our Virtual series is the ability to complete it on your own time.  Ultimately, you set the pace, complete it all at once or take your time, the goal is to just finish 🙂
 Do you offer group discounts?
You bet! Please email us directly at support@vps.fit
 Is there a specific app I have to use with VPS?
Use any GPS, Bluetooth device, or running app to track your results, you can even take a photo of your treadmill results.  Results can be posted under the ENTER RESULTS tab on our website.
 I have additional questions, how can I reach VPS? 
Feel free to contact us anytime at support@vps.fit.