May 19, 2020

Virtual races are always an enjoyable experience. You get the chance to set goals for yourself and accomplish those goals. You also have the ability to complete your race at your own pace and wherever you feel most comfortable. However, there are some things that you can do to make your virtual race an unforgettable experience that you will always treasure. Here are some creative things that you can do to make your virtual race a blast! 

1. Invite Friends to Join You or Cheer You On

Races always seem to be better when you do them with friends, because they are there to encourage you throughout training and during the race. It’s great when you are doing them with someone who has the same passion for racing as you do. If your friends do not seem to want to join into the race, they may be happy to cheer you on from the sidelines.  This way, they can still have fun contributing to your success.

2. Dress Up in a Fun Athletic Outfit

For some of the fun virtual races that you can do, it may make your race a little more enjoyable to dress up according to the theme of the race! You get the chance to wear a crazy outfit and let people know that you are actually on a race and not just exercising. Choose a virtual race where you would be comfortable creating an outfit with that theme and find an outfit that is fun, but you are still comfortable in while you are racing.

3. Make Sure that You Celebrate After Your Race

While reaching your goals and achieving victory can be exciting enough, you can still find some simple ways to celebrate what you accomplished. If you did do the race with friends, maybe you can all go out to dinner afterwards or do another activity that you all enjoy together. This way, you can keep the party going and celebrate what you all accomplished together.

4. Do a Photo Shoot When You Receive Your Medal

Since you receive your medal in the mail after you have completed your race, you may want to take some time to celebrate again when you receive it! Take some pictures of yourself wearing the medal and share it on your Facebook or Instagram so that your friends can celebrate with you and congratulate you for completing your race.

Having a Great Time Doing a Virtual Race

Everything from your training to your virtual race is all about helping you reach the fitness goals that you have for yourself and having a great time doing it. If you haven’t tried doing a virtual race, we have some fantastic options to choose from. Virtual Pace Series can help you find a race that works with your personality and your training schedule. Our virtual races are all about helping you find races that you will enjoy doing and you will be proud when you have completed it!