Halloween Moonlight Run

Calling all vampires, werewolves, witches and wizards; you looking for a spooky Halloween run? Join us during the week of Halloween (or anytime thereafter) for a Moonlight Run. Will the footsteps in the dark be yours or something else that’s lurking? (Oh my!)

The finisher medal is 4 inches, 3D, and double sided of the moon and bat. Both sides of the medal have glowing elements. 

When the sun goes down, dress up, show us your costume and lets earn this "treat" of a finisher medal.  Enjoy the thrill of running in shadows (dun dun dun).  This challenge is a 5K/10K or go for the strange year that it has been due to Covid-19 and complete a 19K. 

Shirts available through Teespring - CLICK HERE! 

What is a Virtual Run? A virtual run can be done at any location and time during the open event date, simply choose your location then run/walk/jog/bike or even treadmill your 5K/10K at your pace.  Submit your results and receive your medal.

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